Task 3: ‘Bums on Seats’

Jurassic World:                                                        

Audience Research/ Producer Response to Research-

The target audience for this film, is quite varied as many people are interested in watching the film. This film is also a sequel, were the films were very popular when they were first released, the first film in 1993 made £32,723,932 in the box office in the opening weekend in the UK. The other previous films were also very popular, making similar amounts and more as they had an existing fan base, this pre-determines that Jurassic World was going to be successful. The third film of this franchise was released in 2001, whereas Jurassic World, was revealed in 2015. This meant that the fans of the film, had to wait a long time for it to be released again, meaning they would want to see the film more when it came out. When Jurassic World was released, the first weekend in the USA, the film made £204,600,000 profit. The producers also made the release of the film, near the summer on June 11th 2015, which meant that children could go and watch it during the summer holiday, making the target audience wider. There is no real social demographic of this film, it appeals to both people in the upper and lower class, as they will both be interested in it. People of many ages will be the target audience for this film, as it will attract many types of people, the main target audience however would be males, but many females would be interested in this, as there is also a ‘female gaze’ involved in the film through the star actor, Chris Pratt. Jurassic world may not have had a screen test, as the success of the previous films determined that it was going to be a successful film.


Audience Targeting –

One part of audience targeting was the website www.jurassicworldmovie.co.uk/. On this website you can watch the trailer of the film, and now buy the DVD, which can be bought in 3D or Blu-Ray. There are photos and videos of the film, and there is information on the film also available on the website, like the cast and the genre. Another part of the website is that there is cross media promotion through social media links to all of their pages, which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. There is also a link on this website that takes you to an international website http://uk.jurassicworldintl.com/. This also has links to their social media pages, and where you can buy the DVD. The official website acts like a website for the park, which involves many different types of interactive features. These include information about the things happening there, like guided tours, which you can share then on Facebook or Twitter. The website is so realistic that there is even a menu available to look at. One part of the interactive features is that they can go on the park map, where you can look and choose where you want to go, including going to any of the dinosaur’s enclosures, somewhere to eat, restrooms or first aid. One of the main sections you can interact with is by planning your trip, choosing how you travel, where you stay, play, discover, eat and shop, which will appeal to the audience as they can feel like they know what the park is like if you could go there, making them more involved in the film. You can also buy tickets, for any types of packages, with reviews of the trips, this makes it interactive as they can pretend they are actually going to the park. On the website you can find out information about the finder of the film, the safety information about the park and the different types of dinosaur’s that are there. There is also a kid’s section, where you can print off colouring pages, word searches, and cross words, meaning the mainstream audience can get involved as well (active audiences), which is encouraging the children to watch the film.  Another main part of the website is the live cam, where you can see ‘live footage’ of the park and the dinosaur’s enclosures. This will make the audience more interactive with the website, as it will feel very realistic.  This website will appeal to the mainstream audience, as they can involve themselves in the film. The website targeted the audience, which is around teenagers, who are the main people who would go on the website. The producers of the website would have had to have regulated the website, as the age rating for the film was only 12A, and anyone could access the website, so they would have had to make sure that there was no swearing or inappropriate graphic content involved. This shows that there is a large franchise of the film, which shows that the film was very popular and successful. They had to appeal to the audience through many different types of marketing, that would appeal to a variety of different audiences.

screenshot 1.png

screenshot 2.png

screenshot 3.png

Publicity and Marketing/ Distribution-

Advertising/ On Line Presence: One way Jurassic World advertised their film is through social media, they have both Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. This would appeal to the younger target audience, by getting them involved through the accounts. This would also allow the audience to get involved with the film, by tweeting it and liking the photos they share, by following these accounts they can also find out more information about the film. The social media pages for Jurassic World first started a year before the release of the film, as it made the target audience, start talking about and spreading the news earlier. The Facebook page used one of the characters from the older Jurassic Park films, to make the audience feel nostalgic, and make them want to watch the film more. The page was used to represent a fictional film park, like the park in the film, this brings it to life to make the audience feel more involved. There is also a game linked to Facebook called the Jurassic Park Builder, this is a construction and management simulation game in which the player builds a theme park featuring dinosaurs. This would appeal to a specific audience, making them more interested and involved with the film, which will make them want to watch the film more. It’s cover for the games Facebook page was revealed on the 29th March 2012 and was then released on the 23rd July 2012, which was quite a while before the film was released, meaning that it made the audience build up excitement for the film. The game was very popular, as it meant that they could get involved with the film, whenever they wanted too. The twitter page gives the audience more information about the film, for example it does Q&A’s with the actors, so the audience can find out more information about them, this would make the audience feel like they know them better, making them more interested in them and the film. It also gives the audience screenshots from the other films, and exclusive video clips, which will excite the audience, making them want to watch more. Another type of advertisement the film used was by having 3 different film posters available, this would make sure that they would appeal to many different audiences. The posters are simple, showing one main interesting image, and then the simple logo, which most people will be familiar with, grabbing the audience’s attention. It also shows the date of the release, quite big, so people will remember it more. These would appear in many different places like on bus’s, bus stops, and on billboards in a variety of different countries. Universal Pictures first released the trailer in 24th November 2014, which was 2 minutes 41 seconds long. The trailer appeared on TV channels during the adverts, in different countries, like NBC, it was also available on the Daily Mail online and on YouTube. The trailer included clips of the film, which would keep the audience engaged, making them want to watch more as they will want to know what happens. It also repeats the release date, to make sure the audience knows when it is being released, so they will watch it. The clips used are short and broken up by text, about the park being reopen, which will keep the audience entertained, as there is suspense. During the trailer it also states the who the executive producer, Stephen Spielberg, and the actors involved, so if there are any fans of them or their previous films he has worked on, they will also want to see the film, bringing in a larger audience. The trailer keeps the audience interested, as it gives them no clue how the dinosaurs escaped and what happens at the end, which will make the audience want to watch the film to find out what happens. Another type of advertisement that the film used to promote was by advertising it at Universal Studios, in the Jurassic Park, in Orlando. They advertised it by putting huge posters of the film around the park, to make sure that the tourists could see it, which would make them interested in watching the film.

twitter.jpg facebook game.jpg


Reviewing: There was many reviews of this film, as it was part of such a well know franchise, and was a sequel to some of the most popular films. This meant that everyone had their opinion on the film, as they had to wait so long for it to be released, years after the first Jurassic Parks were released. Many people rely a lot on a reviews, on whether they want to watch a film, to see whether it is good or bad. So reviews are very important, in whether a film is popular or not, because if someone sees a bad review of a film, they aren’t likely to go and watch it. The reviews were mixed for Jurassic World, as some people liked parts of the film but not all of it for example the Guardian said in their review of the film that “while the 3D beasts are undeniably impressive, their human counterparts remain resolutely two-dimensional thanks to a script that mistakes tone-deaf jumps and starts for emotional arcs.” They also said though, “on the plus side, Jurassic World doesn’t skimp on spectacle, compensating for its storytelling shortcomings with a superfluity of on-screen action. Viewed in Imax with the sound turned up to 11, the film fulfils its popcorn promise, offering a menagerie of dinosaurs (motion-capture CG, with a sprinkling of animatronics) that sweep majestically across land, sea and air.” The review from the Metacritic and Roger Ebert was also quite average, as the score was only 59% from Metacritic and 3/5 from Roger Ebert.  However, from Rotten Tomato, Empire and IMDb, they got quite a good review’s, as their score was 71% from Rotten Tomato and 4/5 from Empire and 7.0 from IMDb. Overall, the reviews of this film were very mixed, but they did get a lot of support from it meaning people did enjoy it.

Chat Shows: Chris Pratt appeared on the Graham Norton show on the 29th May 2015. This would have done more marketing in the UK, as it would not be the main audience, as it would have been America. This would have appeal to many people, as they would have gotten to know him, which would make them want to watch the film. Also on the show they talk about the film and show clips of the film, which would appeal to the audience as they would want to know what else happens in the film. They talk about what the film is about, and who Chris Pratt’s character is. He could also be seen as a male gaze, so by him appearing on the chat show, people might want to watch the film just to see him. Also during the chat show Graham Norton says when the film is released so the audience will remember when, meaning they will go and watch it. Chris Pratt also appeared on the Conan chat show, on the 11th June 2015, where they talk about the films. They talk about his acting skills throughout the film, which will mate the audience want to watch the film to see his acting skills. This will also make the audience get to know him more, which will make them like him, appealing the film to them.

Product Placement/ Tie-In’s: Throughout the film, there is a lot of product placement, this provides advertisement for the product and the film. Universal studies worked with many different companies which are: Alpha, American Airlines, Beats by Dre, Ben & Jerry’s, Brookstone, Casio, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Converse, Crimson Trace, Dasani, Dave and Buster’s, eBay, Ecogear, Google, Hilton, IWC, Jamba Juice, Jeep, Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show, Kawasaki, Margaritaville, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Nikon, Nissan, Oakley, Pandora, Pepsi, Samsung, Starbucks, Sunrio, Tostitos, Triumph and Verizon. As there are so many, and they are working in synergy together, they might help advertise each other, which could mean that the film could attract a wider range of people that will watch it. The product placement in the film, will be very popular after being advertised in a successful film, as people who are watching the film, might want to buy it. One type of product tie-in’s is you can buy Jurassic World Lego. The companies were in synergy, to help advertise their products. By Jurassic World working with such a successful and popular well known company, it will promote the film, making people want to watch the film more. By having the products, that link to the film, the audience will want to know what happens in the film, which will interest them in watching it. Lego will attract the younger audience for the film, which will appeal to them, where they will want to watch the film. Another tie-in product is that there is a Jurassic World Lego video game which available on PlayStation 3, 4 & Vita, Xbox One & 360, Android, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, IOS, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This will appeal to teenagers, who are also part of the target audience for the film, this will make them want to watch the film also as they enjoy the game and want to know what happens in the film. As the game will be widely advertised as well as the film, it will mean that there will be a lot of advertisement for the franchise, making it popular, as the release date was around the same time as the release date for the film, 10th June 2015.  Jurassic World is also available on Minecraft, which will attract an audience to watch the film, as it will make them more interested in it, as they are playing a game about it. Jurassic World, had lots of different types of product tie-in’s, that will attract different audiences, making the film more popular, and having a wider range of people who will go watch the film.

screenshot 4.png

lego 2.jpg

lego game.jpeg


Premieres: There was 2 premieres of the film, one which occurred in UGC Normandie Theater, Paris, France, on Friday 19th May 2015. Another premiere happened in The Dolby Theatre, Hollywood Blvd, LA, on Tuesday 9th June 2015. This would have attracted people to watch the film, as the characters had interview’s about the film, so people would want to know more about it. Also because the film is part of a such a big franchise, it had a lot of coverage, meaning people will see the coverage, and will be interested in the film. During the premiers and the coverage, they repeated the release date of the film, so people will remember when it is released. Also if another celebrity went to the premiere, then their fan base would be interested in the film too.

premiere 1.jpg

premiere 2.jpg

Awards: The film was very successful and was nominated for many awards. One award they were nominated for was the Screen Actors Guild Awards (2016), in the category Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture. The film was also nominated by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (2016) for the best DVD/ Blue- Ray collection. It won a Saturn award for the best performance by a younger actor, Ty Simpkins. The film was nominated for an Annie Award, in the categories, Outstanding Achievement in Animated Effects in a Live Action Production and Outstanding Achievement in Character Animation in a Live Action Production. The Art Directors Guild nominated Jurassic World for the Excellence in Production Design Award, as well as being nominated for the Best Visual Effects, Best Action Movie, Best Actor in an Action Movie (Chris Pratt), Best Actress in an Action Movie (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Best Sci-Fi/ Horror Movie in the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (2016). The film was also nominated for an Empire Awards in Best Sci-Fi/ Fantasy and Best Visual Effects. Jurassic Wold won a Hollywood Film Alliance award, for Visual Effects of the Year, and was nominated for a Hollywood Post Alliance award, in Outstanding Visual Effects- Feature Film. Another award they were nominated for a Jupiter Award, in the Best International Film, as well as a Kid’s Choice Awards, in the categories for Favourite Movie and Favourite Movie Actor (Chris Pratt). The film was also nominated for a Motion Picture Sound Editor award, for Best Sound Editing- Sound Effects and Foley in a Feature Film and Best Sound Editing- Music in a Feature Film. Jurassic World won an MTV Movie Awards for the Best Action Performance (Chris Pratt), and was nominated for Movie of the Year, and Best Male Performance. Another award the film was nominated for was an Online Film & Television Association for Best Sound Effects Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Stunt Coordination, as well as being nominated for Favourite Movie in People’s Choice Awards, USA. The film was nominated for a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award, for Best Visual Effects and a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Movie. Jurassic World was nominated for a San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, for Best Visual Effects and was also nominated for a Satellite Award in Best Sound (Editing & Mixing) and Best Visual Effects. The film was nominated for Seattle Film Critics’ Awards for Best Visual Effects, and for the Feature Film, in Society of Camera Operators. Jurassic World was nominated for Teen Choice Awards, in Choice Movie: Villian (Vincent D’Onofrio), Choice Movie: Hissy Fit (Bryce Dallas Howard), Choice Summer Movie, Choice Summer Movie Star: Male (Chris Pratt), and Choice Summer Movie Star: Female (Bryce Dallas Howard). Another award they were nominated for was Visual Effects Society Awards, in Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature and for Outstanding Models in a Photoreal or Animated Project, and nominated for the Younger Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film- Leading Young (Ty Simpkins). They were also nominated for Young Entertainer Awards, for Best Leading Young Actor- Feature Film (Nick Robinson) and Best Leading Young Actor (Ty Simpkins). As the film won so many awards and were nominated for the loads, this would have had a lot of advertisement, which would make some people want to watch as it is very popular.

























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